Terms, condition and indemnity

It is the responsibility of Guests to familiarize themselves with the contents of this document. Ignorance of its contents in the case of misconduct cannot be an excuse. Witklipfontein Game Farm is a Privately Owned Game Farm with The Lodge as a self-catering accommodation facility for up to 10 Guests. 



All bookings need to be done in writing through our website www.witklipfontein.co.za or through mail correspondence on admin@witklipfontein.co.za. No oral or phone bookings will be accepted until confirmed in writing. Bookings are for a minimum 2 night stay and our base rates are for 6 Guests. Additional rates are applicable for each extra guest. Children under 2 years of age are free. This applies to maximum 3 children under the age of 2. Rates are seasonal and quoted prices may change without prior notice. Acceptance of a booking is to the sole discretion of Witklipfontein Game Farm. No reasons need to be provided for a none-acceptance of a booking. Booking are only confirmed on receipt full payment of the invoice. Proof of payment to be mailed to admin@witklipfontein.co.za. We reserve the right to give Provisional / Pending bookings to other interested guests without prior notice. Provisional / Pending bookings will only remain on our system for 48 hours. 50% of the full payment will be refunded if the confirmed booking is cancelled no later than 7 days before the checking-in date. 



 Right of Admission is reserved to the sole discretion of Witklipfontein Game Farm. Access to Witklipfontein Game Farm will only be permitted to Guests fulfilling the following conditions: 1. Accept and sign the Indemnity Form before or at arrival time. 2. Have adequate medical insurance cover. 3. Have adequate insurance for their personal items. Only paying guests are permitted on the property. No day visitors are allowed. All gates, vehicular or pedestrian, to the property need to remain closed at all times. 



 Witklipfontein Game Farm reserves the right to terminate the accommodation arrangements and stay of a Guest who behaves in such a manner that is deemed to be unacceptable, or is disrespectful of nature and wildlife or is detrimental to the enjoyment of other guests or the reputation of Witklipfontein. 



Witklipfontein Game Farm reserves the right to claim back from the Client any costs or charges incurred due to damages by Guests to the property whether accidentally caused or not. Witklipfontein Game Farm shall not be responsible for Guest’s loss of money or other personal property or damage to Guest’s’ private property during their stay.



 Smoking is strictly forbidden inside The Lodge and on the property as a whole. Smoking on the patio / stoep of The Lodge is allowed. Especially during winter times care should be taken when smoking due to the high risk of starting a Veld Fire. Please take care when extinguishing your cigarette butts, please use the ashtrays provided around the venue. When ash is cold, please dispose of the content of the ashtray in the rubbish bin. No ashtray should be left outside at night. Guests who are careless and cause a fire will legally be held responsible for damages to the Witklipfontein property and neighbouring properties. 



Strictly no pets allowed on the property. 



Please note that the main house is unfenced from wildlife and game. Feeding or disturbing the game is formally forbidden. All game animals are wild and should be treated with respect. Care should be taken when on Game drives or trail walks. ALWAYS keep a safe distance from all game, do not encircle or chase the game. Please do not attempt to touch or play with any snakes on the property as most of them are venomous. In case of an encounter with a snake, stay calm and stay still until the snake moves away from you. In most cases snakes do not attack people; they just want to get away from you. Please report any sightings to the Management. 



Please note that the swimming pool is unfenced and DOES NOT have a safety net. All children to be under adult supervision at all times. Please no swimming after dark.
POOL RULES : No swimming after dark Do not swim into the top or bottom filtering ponds No food, drinks, chewing gum or Tabacco around the pool No glass or other breakable material allowed in the pool No running or rough play Please do not use the pool if you had any disease transmittable by water in the past two weeks Beware when walking on the edge of the pool. Stones can be slippery. Do not use bath towels for Swimming; only use swimming towels around the pool.



 Water in The Lodge comes from a borehole on the property and is drinkable. 



The house runs completely on solar energy for hot water and electricity. We are not responsible for weather condition. You might have to adapt your way of consuming the energy according to the weather conditions. In usual sunny conditions everything is working 100% day and night. The Guest need to keep an eye on the electrical consumption on the screen placed in the back kitchen and should adapt their consumption as follows : – Batteries above 50KW : Normal consumption – Batteries between 50KW and 45KW : limit consumption to lighting, do not run electrical appliances such as kettle, dishwashing, washing machine and tumble dryer. – Batteries below 45KW : system will switch off automatically SEWERAGE : The waste water and sewerage is treated through a sceptic tank. Only dispose of toilet paper in the toilets. Do not dispose of plastics, latex or paper in toilets, use the bins provided for disposing of such and all other solid materials. 



Please take responsibility for Children and minors staying with you. Children should be under supervision at all times and are the responsibility of their parents or guardians.



Please note that the green roof over the main house is unfenced and unprotected. All persons to remain clear from the edges. All children to be under adult supervision at all times. Please no access to the roof after dark.



In case of an emergency please advise the managers office, or if occurring after hours, please contact one of the managers; Dorothee Dehon on 079 429 98 97 or Damien Huyberechts on 079 481 40 81 immediately.



Thanking you in advance for respecting the rules, terms and conditions and abiding by them. 
We hope you will have an enjoyable stay.