The farm is ideal for walking and hiking. From a stroll in the plains to a 4-5 hour hike there is no better way to connect with nature and encounter wildlife. The terrain is hilly and thus providing for incredible views over the Dome area. The fauna and flora are diverse and range from grassy plains to bush, forest and rocky hilltops. Some points of interest like The Rocks in the kloof, The Sundowner Tree, Almaz Head, The Boulders, the Bushmen paintings and many viewpoints offer great destinations or places to stop for a drink and snack. While the shorter walks are located on the farm itself, the longer walks go across neighbouring farms. These walks are marked trails part of the larger trail network of the Dome area. Guided Trails are organised on demand for those who want further insight on the fauna, flora and wildlife.

Mountain Biking

Bring your Mountain Bike and go for a ride on the Farm or free your endorphins by snaking your way through the Vredefort Dome. The October MTN Ride Crater Cruise MTB is a reputed annual event. For Mountian biking on other farm in the area consult:


In summer, swimming will probably be one of the main activities and there is no better place for this than the natural swimming pool attached to the Lodge. Almost like a natural Dam, the pool has been designed to offer a variety of features ranging from the beach where toddlers can experience their first encounter with water, the rocks on the other side are an area of discovery and where one can find a good spot to sit or the rim flow edge with its soft incline where one can lie down and watch the long views across the Dome to Sugar Loaf Peak or the Angle Wings Hills. SWIMMING POOL NOTICE: Please note that the pool is unfenced and does not have a safety net. All children to be under adult supervision at all times. Right of Admission is reserved.

Game drive

Come and enjoy a bakkie Game Drive around the farm. Standing at the back of the bakkie is a treat for the children. 30 minutes drives can be organised on demand or use your own 4x4 vehicle to roam around the farm. There are several paths going from a drive through the 3 plains, along Agave Row, towards the dry Dam or up the hills along the foot of Kwame’s Head. You are free to use your own 4X4. The terrain is rocky and steep in places so no normal cars can't be used for Game Drives. Tractor Rescue mission on demand.


Going for a sundowner at our special Sundowner Tree is a treat not to be missed. The viewpoint overlooks the West end of the Dome, looking over the trees of the rolling hills. The natural spot with rocks allows for the whole family to sit and watch the daily show of the sun making its bow. Choose our Sundowner Basket and enjoy the treat of a glass of French Champagne and ice cream for the children while waving goodbye to the day. The Sundowner Basket includes the following: - A bottle of French Champagne, Dry or Sweet. - A beer for each. - Snacks - An Ice Cream for the children - A Bakkie Drive back down the hill in the dark.

Wildlife Photography

There is no better place to go on a photographic hunt and take the best shots of nature and wildlife. Early morning or afternoon walks are the optimum time to catch the wild in the soft light of the day.

Introduction to Permaculture

Dorothée’s Mandala Permaculture Vegetable patch is a world of scent and tastes. Growing with ancestral seeds and finding the plants that pair one another is a delicate balance that only years of experience will let you master. In season, Dorothée offers a course about her passion for Permaculture.

Star Gazing

With little light pollution form Parys and Potchefstroom, our sky is a beauty to watch at night. We cherish evenings ending with stargazing from the roof, observing the immensity of the universe, the ridicule smallness of humankind and the miracle of life.

Organized treasure hunt

Comming soon. We organise a treasure hunt for your kids. In this 1 to 2 hours orientation game they will learn the wild and the bush and discover a nice treasure at the end. We also organise easter chocolate eggs hunt according to the easter season.

Fishing on the Vaal

Although Witklipfontein does not border The Vaal River, many of the neighbouring farms are and fishing there can be organised. Schoemansdrift Bridge is another close by fishing spot.


Want to feel alive. Just jump with Skydive Parys!

Motor bike

While motorbikes are not permitted on the farm, fell free to enjoy a ride on the dirt roads of the Dome.

Kayaking and rafting

Enjoy the Vaal river on a raft or a kayak.

Visit other game farms

Should you want to see more game such as cheetah, lion, etc. we can advise you good neighbouring farms to visit.